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The Team 

Marilyn Meilluer

As a passionate soccer coach, I co-founded Rangers Elite Academy with the aim of providing young players with a nurturing environment to develop their skills and grow their love for the sport. I have coached at the BCSPL level for several years, and I am dedicated to delivering advanced training programs to help young players realize their full potential. Moreover, as a big Glasgow Rangers fan, I am committed to instilling values of sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork in my players both on and off the field.

Darcee Rutherford

As a co-founder and director of Rangers Elite Academy, I bring a unique blend of business acumen, dedication, and passion for soccer to my work. I love seeing young players improve their skills and grow in their love of the game, and I’m proud to run an academy that provides top-notch soccer training and a supportive, organized environment. I have seen my two young sons grow up in soccer and have seen the positive effect soccer can have and the joy it brings.

Maria Valentin Ousted

As a former professional soccer player, I know the game inside out. I wanted to be a co-founder of Rangers Elite Academy because of my passion and love for the game, and I am committed to helping our athletes achieve their fullest potentials. At Rangers Elite Academy, we believe that women in soccer can be game-changers, and we are dedicated to providing all players regardless of gender with the tools, resources and support they need to succeed both on and off the pitch. Our comprehensive programs are designed to help young athletes develop not only physically, but also mentally and socially.

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